Monday, May 31, 2010

Review: Etude Code B liner

This is my first time buying gel liner. I've used liquid and pencil liner before but haven't try out the gel liner yet. I ordered Etude Code B liner because of ChefCaffy's rave about how good it is. Not only that, I also do some research about this gel liner from and

I ordered the Secret Black and Strong Brown. Actually, I want to try the Strong Black but from ChefCaffy's review again ^^ she said it's way too black and not for everyday wearing so yea... (blackiest black i think)

The packaging reminds me of my favorite singer, Jolin Tsai, her album "Agent J" if you guys have watched her MV "特務 J"

Left: #2 Secret Black (black gel liner with fine golden glitters)
Right: #3 Strong Brown


The texture is creamy, not difficult to draw, give you a smooth line, and it dries fast!

Up: Secret Black
Down: Strong Brown

Notice that the strong brown is darker than the secret black. So now, I'll be testing whether if it smudges, waterproof, and how easy it can be remove.

It doesn't smudge!! I try rubbing the line really hard but still it doesn't come out! However, you can see that the colors are becoming lighter. You can also see that some tiny glitters starts to appear on the secret black as I continued to rub.

Now I will test if it's waterproof, so I splash water on my hands and starts rubbing again.

Result: it is waterproof! But if you can see on the right picture, I rub it for about 10 times, then it starts coming off. In fact, no one is going to rub their eyes so many times.

Finally, I will use makeup cleanser to remove the gel liner

Wowwwww! It easily come off

Hope this review will be helpful :D
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Review: Baviphat primer for combination-oily skin

I got this Baviphat Under My Skin Goodbye Sebum Primer last month. This is another alternative for those who have limited budget like me. Worth a try!

The primer comes in a glass bottle of 35 ml. with a cost of 294 Baht

This primer really suits me since it's for oily skin and it truly doesn't make my face more oily throughout the day. I'm still not sure about the oily effect since I need to experiment with it more often.

This is what the primer looks like:
> easy to blend
> light fragrance (smells good!)
> absorbs quickly to my skin
> smooth and soft after blending it into the skin

I'm really happy with this primer and I would recommend to anyone who would like to try this product! If you have dry skin then try their Under My Skin Moisturizing Primer.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Genuine VS. Fake Shu uemura eyelash curler

Alot of people might wonder whether if the shu uemura eyelash curler they bought is the genuine or fake one. So here are some information I would like to share to all of you! Be aware of fake shu eyelash curler ^___^

Checklists for genuine shu eyelash curler:
1. the shu's packaging box which shows "shu uemura" must have equal printing fonts like picture shown below:

if you see the "shu uemura" with S and A are in bold, it's FAKE 100%

2. both silicon pads must have the logo "shu uemura" at the back of it

Now showing you the lash curler between the real and the fake:

Can you distinguish which one is fake and which one is real?
probably you won't be able to tell
answer: left is fake and right is real!

Another thing I found out b/w these two is that the silicon pad of the fake one is alot stiffer so when you curl your lashes, it wouldn't immediately make your lashes pop up (you need to curl it like many times) while real shu is alot softer and when you just lightly curler your lashes.

I used the fake shu to curl my lashes: