Saturday, May 22, 2010

Genuine VS. Fake Shu uemura eyelash curler

Alot of people might wonder whether if the shu uemura eyelash curler they bought is the genuine or fake one. So here are some information I would like to share to all of you! Be aware of fake shu eyelash curler ^___^

Checklists for genuine shu eyelash curler:
1. the shu's packaging box which shows "shu uemura" must have equal printing fonts like picture shown below:

if you see the "shu uemura" with S and A are in bold, it's FAKE 100%

2. both silicon pads must have the logo "shu uemura" at the back of it

Now showing you the lash curler between the real and the fake:

Can you distinguish which one is fake and which one is real?
probably you won't be able to tell
answer: left is fake and right is real!

Another thing I found out b/w these two is that the silicon pad of the fake one is alot stiffer so when you curl your lashes, it wouldn't immediately make your lashes pop up (you need to curl it like many times) while real shu is alot softer and when you just lightly curler your lashes.

I used the fake shu to curl my lashes:


  1. I have just received an order from I have bought 3 fake shu uemura curlers!

    they look flimsy and I have tried them, it doesn't really curl my lashes. The claire's make my lashes pop really better.
    Shu uemura is not written on the back of the pads T_T;
    I have phoned my bank and there no way to have my money back unless I go to the police (I am in France and I ordered them in the USA).
    I DIDN'T PAY WITH PAYPAL, I think I couldn't, I don't remember.
    So I have mailed and told them that I wanted my money back but I fear that they don't answer me or say no.
    It is so expensive in France!

  2. I made a mistake, it wasn't but a wwebsite with a name look a like..
    I still wait for my money, they don't agree they are fake, they tell me that it has been damaged durong shipping lol

  3. everything looks right with mine except for the silicon pad which doesn't have the logo on it...

  4. Wow, thank you for pointing that out - could have wasted quite a bit of cash seeing as I am looking to invest - used my friends' Shu uemura and I loved it. I think it works better with all natural lashes, what is your opinion?

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  6. sell the genuine ones!